Pearl Jam Records with Incubus’ Guitarist

Pearl Jam is working hard in the studio on a new album yet to be titled, but there have been a few tidbits here and there that have been leaked. For example, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger will be featured on the album.

Einziger tweeted from Los Angeles, saying that in the early hours of Wednesday he was jamming with the band and recording strings for their upcoming LP, via Antiquiet. He even posted a photo of the recording to get fans pumped, and pumped they are indeed. The tweet went as follows: “In the studio with my girl and Eddie Vedder, recording strings for Pearl Jam’s new album :)”

The famous Pearl Jam had their landmark, debut album in 1991 entitled Ten. They sold a whopping 10 million copies in the United States alone, and a new set is more than welcome for the band. Back in February, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready went on to tell Rolling Stone that the band had about seven songs that were near completion for their follow-up album to 2009’s Backspacer. The band plans to finish the new album by this year, as guaranteed by McCready. In a previous interview, Vedder had told Rolling Stone that Pearl Jam was only about half way to completing their new album, so hopefully they’ll pull the album together before the year ends. Fans everywhere are anticipating it very much so, and now with this information surfacing, they’ll be anticipating the album even more. All we can do now is sit and wait, and maybe jam out to some of their past hits.




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Brandon Boyd of Incubus finishes solo album

The ever so popular band Incubus took a long five years in between albums before they released 2011’s If Not Now, When? According to Brandon Boyd, the front-man of Incubus, there won’t be a release of an album from the band in a while, so fans shouldn’t be holding their breath. Boyd mentioned that Incubus is taking a break from it all, once again, telling Rolling Stone that it will be another hiatus of sorts.

Despite Incubus being dormant for a while, Boyd will be having new music on the way to the shelves soon. Boyd will have a follow-up solo album to his 2010 solo debut, The Wile Trapeze. Boyd mentioned that his new solo album, in which he has teamed up with longtime Incubus producer Brendan O’Brien, is completely done. He says that it’s completely mastered as well, and is ready to come out some time this summer, and all it has to do is go through the motions.

The album is yet to be titled, as he mentioned that the title comes last. He also goes on to say that the music in his upcoming solo album is unlike the style of music he’s made with Incubus for nearly two decades. It’s different in a sense that he was working with one other person and not four others. There’s more piano and rhythm and also a melodic weird pop sound. Boyd mentions that “it’s like oddball pop.”

Right now he has about four to five contenders for the lead single, and is saying that tracks may start to appear online.




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Incubus’ Brandon Boyd’s solo album reminiscent of unicorns

The band Incubus is currently on hiatus once again; however, lead singer Brandon Boyd has just finished recording his new solo album with the aid of long-time rock producer Brendan O’Brien, who has worked with My Chemical Romance, the Killers, and Pearl Jam. Boyd wants to get the album released by this summer.

Boyd mentioned to Billboard that he’s ready for the album to come out right this moment, but there are still necessary things the album has to go through before it can be released.

He is really excited about the sound of the still untitled solo project. It’s a follow up to his 2010 solo debut album entitled The Wild Trapeze. He had some very interesting descriptions on what the album actually sounds like: “When you hear it, you’ll probably be reminded of sailors riding unicorns and unicorns farting beautiful gift making elves and things like that…rainbows, pots of gold… stuff like that.”

If anything, it will definitely be interesting, and the very talented Boyd never really fails to impress. The singer also mentioned that he’s going to plan on hitting the road on some solo performances following the release of his album. He mentions that he’ll open for anybody and play for anyone.

Concerning his band mates, he mentions that Incubus members are all keeping busy and doing their own thing during the hiatus. Chris Kilmore has been doing some DJ gigs, building his reputation up by doing so, and Mike Einziger has scored an independent film that’s coming very out soon.





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Creating The Playlist For Your 90s Party

There are so many characteristics that seem to define a period of time and each relatively recent decade has its conventions that stick in the mind. The 90s are a fantastic example of this and most will recall the fashions, films, television programmes, momentous events and of course the music. If you are trying to come up with an idea for a party theme then honouring the 90s in this way could be a touch of genius, especially if you have people on your guest list who were growing up during this era. This type of party certainly requires the right soundtrack so here are some suggestions that surely deserve of a place on the playlist, and a mix of the undeniable classics to the very guilty pleasures is a good rule to stick to.

Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It (1995)

Whether your party takes place on a Friday night like Montell says, you are guaranteed to encourage everyone to get in the mood with this track. All these years later, the Slick Rick-sampled, r&b anthem from 1995 is still Jordan’s signature tune and perfect for the dancefloor.

Everything But The Girl – Missing (Todd Terry Mix) (1995)

Duo Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt, later to be married, enjoyed huge success after their song ‘Missing’ was re-worked by acclaimed US house DJ Todd Terry. There are not many fans of 90s music who are not instantly familiar with the line ‘like the deserts miss the rain’.

Third Eye Blind – Semi-charmed Life (1997)

The aim of the music at a party like this is to spark nostalgia and even if some people are not aware of the band the melody of this film soundtrack favourite is almost certain to ring a few bells.

Gina G – Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit (1996)

There is no 90s party without at least one (and preferably a lot more) of the guilty pop pleasures. If you were around in this decade then the chances are you will have spent some time listening to the Australian singer.

Dodgy – Good Enough (1996)

The Britpop sound is undoubtedly synonymous with the 90s in British music and Dodgy were certainly part of it. ‘Good Enough’ was part of the soundtrack to many people’s summer in 1996 and it is still every bit as worthy of a play to this day.

P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (1991)

Spandau Ballet’s song ‘True’ is an 80s favourite in its own right but P.M. Dawn created their own classic by sampling it. The duo mixed r and b and hip-hop and ‘Set Adrift On Memory Bliss’ is about as mellow as you will ever get. If ever a song title could be so apt.

Shola Ama – You Might Need Somebody (1997)

When you need the unmistakeable love songs on at your 90s party this is one of those that you have to turn to. Things could have been different for Shola Ama if she hadn’t been overheard singing to herself while at a tube platform as a teenager and ‘You Might Need Somebody’ remains a favourite.

Jo Hutton had a 90s party of her own to celebrate the decade she grew up in and when it comes to accessories she recommends Perfect Party UK.


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