Brandon Boyd of Incubus at Chicago Ideas Week

Chicago Ideas Week is a week-long event where intelligent and amazingly influential people take time out of their busy schedules to speak at venues all over Chicago.

One of the speakers at the last Chicago Ideas Week was Brandon Boyd of the ever popular band Incubus. He was one of over 100 speakers that gave their time up to talk.

So what qualified Boyd to speak at Chicago Ideas Week? Boyd is an accomplished artist, singer, and writer, fronting the band Incubus. He’s currently working on his third book, in addition to his second solo album.

It’s kind of a stretch that someone from a rock band had some insight in entrepreneurship; however, there is currently a blurring of lines. Many people still want to be rock stars, but when you are one, you aren’t just a rock star. It doesn’t really matter if you’re entertaining people or shipping out your product to people, it’s still a business.

Boyd spoke about the creative process of his music business. The advertisements for Chicago Ideas Week have said that it’s essential to turn creative ideas into reality to become successful.

Boyd provided some unexpected inspiration, and gave more insight into using social media and the Internet to promote your business. Hopefully the Chicago Ideas Week event continues to mix up their speakers to give a variety of viewpoints from an entrepreneurial mind. Look out for the next Chicago Ideas Week.