Brandon Boyd of Incubus finishes solo album

The ever so popular band Incubus took a long five years in between albums before they released 2011’s If Not Now, When? According to Brandon Boyd, the front-man of Incubus, there won’t be a release of an album from the band in a while, so fans shouldn’t be holding their breath. Boyd mentioned that Incubus is taking a break from it all, once again, telling Rolling Stone that it will be another hiatus of sorts.

Despite Incubus being dormant for a while, Boyd will be having new music on the way to the shelves soon. Boyd will have a follow-up solo album to his 2010 solo debut, The Wile Trapeze. Boyd mentioned that his new solo album, in which he has teamed up with longtime Incubus producer Brendan O’Brien, is completely done. He says that it’s completely mastered as well, and is ready to come out some time this summer, and all it has to do is go through the motions.

The album is yet to be titled, as he mentioned that the title comes last. He also goes on to say that the music in his upcoming solo album is unlike the style of music he’s made with Incubus for nearly two decades. It’s different in a sense that he was working with one other person and not four others. There’s more piano and rhythm and also a melodic weird pop sound. Boyd mentions that “it’s like oddball pop.”

Right now he has about four to five contenders for the lead single, and is saying that tracks may start to appear online.