Brandon Boyd of Incubus to release new solo album and book

Lead singer of the famous rock band Incubus, Brandon Boyd, has been talking about a new solo album, and now he’s pretty close to finishing it. During an interview with Billboard, Boyd mentioned that he’d be working on his second solo album, along with other various projects, while Incubus is taking another break.

Boyd is quite excited about his new solo effort, saying that it’s far from the sound of Incubus, but something that fans of Incubus may like. He compares the sound of his second solo album to sailors that are riding unicorns, and other mystically weird things of that sort. Boyd says that he’s absolutely ready to get his album on shelves; however, there are still some regular motions the album has to go through before it can be released. It’s looking like the album will be released sometime this summer.

In addition to the new music, Boyd is also hard at work on a book that will go along with his solo album. He describes it as an art book that will go along with the way that the music sounds. Perhaps there will be unicorns in it.

The rest of Incubus is also keeping busy during the downtime. Chris Kilmore is getting into the DJ scene, making a name for himself while do so. Mike Einziger has just finished scoring an independent film, which will be released very soon. Incubus will be on hiatus probably for a while, but that doesn’t mean the individuals themselves will be.