Incubus Band Member-Reigning on Prashant Aswanis New album

According to incubus wiki, members and type of music made by this band are really fascinating and can catch the attention of the audiences and fans but most especially to Prashant Aswanis new new release albums in titled” Visions”. Incubus band member and drummer Jose Pasillias were featured on the 12 instruments along with Gabe Rosales who is a bassist. On the other hand, Jeff Kollman, made an appearance on the song “ Left Center”.

Prashant Aswani is a fusion guitarist who was also amazed at the incubus performance and how the genres ad styles are blended with each of the rock songs. Furthermore, Jose Pasilias as one of the guests on the new album of Prashant earned a pride as well as fame with his own band which is the incubus. On the other hand of the story, Prashant Aswani, a great guitarist produced and arranged a recording shared with John Cranefield. The track name is as follows: Your call, Boiling Point, Trapped Crispy, The other Side, Motivated To Run, Brain Burn, Nerve Dance, Left or Center, Jaya, Another Chance, and Glimmer.

The said album was then released in December 18 with the participation of the incubus great and well known drummer, Jose Pasilias. This great honor of being the guest of the releasing album of the great fusion guitarist brought an impact on the overall appearance and the professionalism of the incubus band in the whole world. On the other hand, fans really supported the team up between Prashant Aswani and Jose Pasilias as featured on incubus wiki.