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Incubus is a one of the most popular American bands to date. The funk-rock-metal group gained popularity through appealing songs such as Drive, Megalomaniac, Anna-Molly, and Love Hur­ts.

Incubus Discography

Early 90s

In 1991, drummer Jose Pasillas formed a trio with Mike Einziger and Alex Katunich, a bassist whom they met while attending Calabasas High School. The trio often jammed and played Megadeth and Metallica covers just for the enjoyment of neighborhood. Later on they discovered that Brandon Boyd, an old elementary schoolmate of Pasillas, can sing. They signed him in to the group and the four of them formed a band and started writing their own songs. Among the first few songs written by the band were Purple Kool-Aid, My Soul, and The Milkman Song.

The band had no name until their first gig at a friend’s party. The first gig prompted them to come up quickly with an impressive and- as Brandon Boyd had said it- gnarly name. With just a couple of hours before their stage, and rejecting name suggestions such as “Spiral Staircase” and “Chunk-O-Funk,” Mike turned to a thesaurus and chose the first word he came upon. The first word was Incubus. Without fully understanding its meaning, the then 17 year-old members thought that Incubus sounded cool.

Incubus was eager to play, so they accepted every invitation that came along their way. They even played during high school lunchtime shows. As luck would have it, Mike found a hundred dollar bill lying on the ground. He used the money to get to play a gig at the Roxy, one of the popular stages on the Sunset Strip.


The band has been recording in their room with only a four-way cassette recorder until a tour manager offered them an opportunity to record in a proper studio. In January 1995, Incubus released their self-titled demo tape. In November, the band self-released the first Incubus full-length album, “Fungus Amongus.”

DJ Lyfe joined the band during the same year. His hip-hop tracks added more flavor to the group’s already unusual fusion of styles. Their fan base continued to grow, eventually capturing the attention of recording labels in the United States.

Immortal records successfully signed Incubus as a live touring band. Incubus has been recognized as one of the Greatest Live Acts in the United States.


Incubus released their second album in January 1997. The EP, entitled “Enjoy Incubus” featured the band’s new songs with their newest member. The new Incubus album re-introduced four songs from the independently recorded “Fungus Amongus” album. The band also started touring with other bands outside the United States.

Incubus’ popularity and music was widely becoming known. In July 1997, Jim Wirt produced a soundtrack album for the move The Spawn. Incubus collaborated with DJ Greyboy in a track titled “Familiar” which was featured alongside tracks performed by popular acts such as Korn, Metallica, and Chemical Brothers.

Their third (and first full-length major-label) album was released September of the same year. “S.C.I.E.N.C.E” is considered as Incubus’ most successful album to date. The public’s reaction to the band was so favorable that they were asked to join 311 on their tour overseas.


In February 1998, Incubus dismissed their DJ, DJ Lyfe. According to Incubus members, having DJ Lyfe is not being favorable anymore as it hinders their productivity. DJ Lyfe was replaced by DJ Chris Kilmore, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native recommended to them by a friend.


DJ Chris Kilmore made his debut recording as a part of Incubus in their fourth album. After joining the Black Sabbath tour, the band decided to settle a bit to record “Make Yourself.” The lengthy success of this album helped Incubus become more popular in pop scene. Their songs refrained from head banging metal characteristics and instead focused more on melodious tracks. The first single, Pardon Me, was playing all over radio stations across the country. MTV called the song “buzzworthy” and “spanking new music.” The Album hit Gold Status in April 2000.

Incubus released Stellar, the second track from the album. Incubus fans gave a positive reaction to the acoustic versions of Pardon Me and Stellar so the band decided to release a six-track EP. A week after its release in August 2000, the EP “When Incubus Attacks Volume 1” placed #41 on the Billboard Album Charts.


Incubus started the new millennium with the release of their third single, Drive. It was this song that set the band into the map to national fame. The MV for the song was nominated as Best Group Video in the 2001 MTV Music Video Awards. “Make Yourself” received Double Platinum in July 2001. Incubus also got to play in Australia and Japan for the first time.

Following their momentum from the success of “Make Yourself,” Incubus released the first single for their upcoming album. The single, titled Wish You Were Here, marked the band’s transition from being a generic rehash into a sensitive mainstream rock band. On September 2001, the latest Incubus single was sitting at the #2 spot in the Billboard Modern Rock Chart.

A month later, on October 23rd, Incubus released their third full length major label album. “Morning View” sold 440,000 copies on its first week, prompting it to debut at #2 in the Billboard album charts.

Drive won Billboard’s Modern Rock Single of the Year. Incubus released the “When Incubus Attacks Volume 2” DVD on December 11.


Enter 2002 with five Incubus singles in the charts. Incubus released the video for Nice To Meet You. The band was featured on various music and talk programs in between their performances abroad.

Year 2002 proved to be the mark for many changes Incubus. The band’s last performance of the year also served as the last performance with bassist Alex Katunich (aka Dirk Lance). According to the members, they came up with the decision to remove Alex from the band because of “irreconcilable differences.” He was replaced by the current bassist, Ben Kenney.


There were a little difficulty at the beginning of the year when Incubus sued their label in order to be released from the company when they failed to renegotiate their contract. Sony answered the legal action with a lawsuit of its own. During this time, Incubus has already been subject to rumors about Dirk Lance’s removal from the band. However, everything was settled agreeably and Incubus and Sony settled with a new contract.

Incubus played the future hit Megalomaniac during the Lollapalooza tour.


After obstacles in 2003, Incubus came back with a new album in 2004. “A Crow left For Murder” featured a more artistic and technical feel in their songs. The album’s hit single, Megalomaniac, caused controversy when people interpreted it as an attack on the Bush administration. Nonetheless, the song peaked at #1 on the Modern Rock Chart.


Incubus finally had a #1 album with the 2006 album “Lights Grenades.” One track even shot up to the number one spot two years after its release.


After a short hiatus in 2008, Incubus released the greatest hits album “Monuments and Melodies” in 2009.


Incubus recorded another studio album for the first time in 5 years. The band returned with the album “If Not Now, When?” and the lead track Adolescents. The band continues to release new media to promote their new songs. After 20 years of changes, playing on tours, and refining their craft, Incubus continues to produce music that gathers fans from all over the globe.