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Incubus is a Grammy nominated five-man group that is considered as one of the most successful modern American rock bands of the last decade. Their style can be quite difficult to identify. Their music is an eclectic fusion of rock, metal, funk, hip hop, pop, and techno influences. Incubus is also known to use different instruments that other bands do not normally use.

Incubus has been nominated to numerous music and music video awards and has placed constantly on music and video charts. They have toured the America, Australia, Europe and Asia- performing at sold out concerts in cities all over the world.

Among Incubus’ most popular tracks were Drive, Love Hurts, Megalomaniac, and Anna Molly- all of which were ranked high in the Modern Rock Charts. The group received a Grammy nomination for their work in their 2004 album, A Crow Left For Murder. Incubus’ sixth studio album, Light Grenades, debuted #1 at the Billboard 200.

Incubus is the perfect example of a band’s evolution through time. One of the greatest factors that shaped the band’s music and style is its members. Each Incubus member contributed to the type of music that the band produced in each album.

Present Incubus Members:

Brandon Boyd

Brandon Charles Boyd has been the vocalist of Incubus since its formation in 1991.

Aside from being Incubus’ front man, Brandon is a visual artist and published author as well. He designed concert flyers for the band’s very first performances. The Incubus vocalist has also written two books titled White Fluffy Clouds and From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss. The first book was written in 2003, while the second one was written in 2007.

Brandon released his solo album, The Wild Trapeze, in 2010. The fact that the album was produced incorporating Brandon’s music alone made it very different from the music he creates with Incubus.

While Incubus Chris Kilmore was popular for his dreadlocks, Brandon was popular for the number of tattoos in various parts of his body. Among the wide array of tattoos were a Buddhist mantra on his forearms, a red koi designed by fellow Incubus member Jose Pasillas, the Eye of Horus in his right ankle, and a teardrop on both his index fingers.

Mike Einziger

Michael Aaron Einziger is currently the lead guitarist for Incubus. One of the original members, he also serves as co-writer for the band’s songs.

Mike is widely recognized to be one of the greatest and most talented guitarists and musicians of all time. His first orchestral composition during his solo works debuted at the prestigious Royce Hall at the UCLA. He has also had another original piece performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2009. He has enrolled at Harvard University to study music composition. He is well known to be fond of using pedalboard guitar effects during live Incubus performances.

Despite problems due to carpal tunnel, Mike has founded numerous other projects and bands apart from Incubus. In 2003, he founded the Time Lapse Consortium which grouped him with fellow Incubus members Jose Pasillas and Ben Kenney, as well as Neal Evans, Suzie Katayama. He created musical score for the Tribeca Film Festival documentary titled God Bless Ozzy Osbourne. Mike likewise participated in producing albums for other artists.

Chris Kilmore

Chris Kilmore, aka DJ Kilmore, is the turntablist, and keyboardist for Incubus. He replaced Gavin “DJ Lyfe” Koppel when he was fired in 1998.

Chris Kilmore’s relationship with music started when he was very young. He had piano lessons when he was young, apart from having also played trumpet for his band up until high school. However, his passion was really set when he got into turntables. He DJ-ed at Club Anastasia and had numerous gigs before trying out and being signed in for Incubus. He got back into piano and keyboards a few years after joining Incubus.

A friend recommended DJ Chris Kilmore to Incubus members after DJ Lyfe’s departure. Shortly after joining, he performed as a member of Incubus for tours with other bands: the Warped Tours, Ozzfest ’98 Tours, and the Black Sabbath tours.

During Incubus’ breaks and hiatus, Chris toured with band member Kenney. Apart from his former pure turntable duties, he contributes to Incubus’ ever evolving music by honing his skills in playing other instruments.

Ben Kenney

Benjamin Lee Kenney Sr. is the current bassist of Incubus. He replaced bassist and founding member Alex Katunich when he departed from the group.

Ben Kenney started his musical career in 1994 as a part of a band called Racecar. In 1996, he and friend Chuck Treece formed Supergrub and released three CD’s namely: Norma & Thurselle, Communicator, and Challenger. Prior to joining Incubus, Ben Kenney was bassist for a hip-hop band called The Roots. Even before joining in 2003, he has already played with Incubus members Mike Einziger and Jose Pasillas.

During Incubus’ hiatus in the late 2000s, Ben Kenney concentrated in producing his own tracks. All in all, he has produced four solo albums after joining the band. These were 26 (2004), Maduro (2006), Distance and Comfort (2008), and Burn the Tapes (2010).

Apart from the bass guitar, Ben can play other types of instruments. In fact, his solo tracks are usually played and produced everything on his own. His bass collection includes several Joe Osborn’s, a Skyline Bob Glaud, a Skyline Hollowbody, and a Hofner Beatle Bass. He mostly uses Line 6 Effects and Mesa Boogie amplifiers during Incubus performances.

Ben’s addition to Incubus marked a change in the band’s sound. His hip-hop influenced grooves replaced the funkier style of the group’s earlier songs. He also served as background vocals that evidently changed their songs’ harmony.


Jose Pasillas

Jose Antonio Pasillas is the drummer and one of the founding members of Incubus.

Jose is somehow the crucial link between the Incubus’ original members. He was schoolmates with Brandon in elementary. He then met Mike Einziger in middle school. The pair of them became friends with Alex Katunich while attending Calabasa High. The three used to cover Metallica and just play together until they learned about Brandon’s vocal abilities and decided to seriously form a band (which eventually becomes known as Incubus).

Jose never had formal education about playing the drums. He states that he picked up different techniques and learned lessons and influences from other musicians.

He was also a former art student like Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd. They usually create the artworks for their albums and videos themselves.

Previous Incubus Members:


Alex Katunich (aka Dirk Lance)

George Alex Katunich was a former bassist and also one of the original and founding members of Incubus. He joined Jose Pasillas and Mike Einiziger after being kicked out of the school band due to his not being capable to read music. He has taken up the stage name Dirk lance ever since high school.

Alex played bass from the band’s self produced debut album Fungus Amongus (1995) up until their fourth studio album Morning View (2001). His funky bass lines influenced the style of the band’s earlier songs. His departure from Incubus was officially announced in 2003.


Gavin Koppel (aka DJ Lyfe)

Gavin met Incubus in 1994. Impressed by their music, he asked them if they would be interested in hip-hop tracks. He joined the band as turntablist, providing the hip-hop feel to the already eclectic blend of Incubus’ music.

Gavin worked with Incubus in the EP Enjoy Incubus, their second album S.C.I.E.N.C.E., and the track Familiar from The Spawn soundtrack. In 1998, Incubus members decided that he should leave the band.