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Brandon Boyd: Vocalist for Incubus

Brandon Boyd is the lead vocalist from the highly successful American rock band Incubus.  In addition to being well known as a successful rock musician he is also known for his status as a visual artist and author.  Overall he is an ideal artist and has huge reserves of innate talent that he readily applies and expresses in various forms.  Aside from his major role as the vocalist in Incubus, he also knows how to play guitar which he often does on stage at live performances of Incubus songs.  Among the other musical instruments that Brandon Boyd can play are the didgeridoo and djembe; no doubt this affinity for music was fostered into him by his parents who were also involved in the entertainment business.

Early Life and Family Life

According to the Incubus wiki, Brandon Boyd was born on February 15,1976 (making him 36 in 2012) to his parents Priscilla Wiseman and Charles Boyd.  Although his parent’s had different names they raised Boyd  in a nurturing environment that allowed him to express musical inclinations from an early age.  Both of his parents were involved in the entertainment industry which also helped in his success.  The Boyd family tree seems to bear much artistic fruit as more than just Brandon Boyd.  Aside from his parents working in the entertainment industry, his younger brother, Jason Boyd, who was once the lead singer from the band Audiovent and his Robert Boyd is a well known Flamenco guitarist.

Boyd graduated from Calabasas High School in 1994 which is where he met his future band mates that would make up Incubus; Michael Einziger, Alex Katunich and Jose Pasillas.  His College career was cut short by his commitments to Incubus; nevertheless he attended two years of college at Moonpark College.  Boyd;’s hometown is Calabasas, California where he was raised and also met who would later become the band members of Incubus.


Incubus started their musical career in 1991 when Mike Einziger (guitarist), Jose Pasillas (Drummer) and Brandon Boyd started jamming together after class since all of them attended Calabasas High School and had similar musical interests.  Incubus has had bassists and DJ’s  come and go , unfortunately they must not have known any skilled bassists and DJ’s in their high school as they have undergone two different bassists and DJ changes.

Although The Band had been jamming together since 1991 it was only in 1994 that the band had enough material to compile into a demo tape which was titled “Closet Cultivation”.  It was in 1995 when their sound finally got that lagniappe that incubus songs needed from DJ Gavin Koppell (aka DJ Lyfe).  Their first major album to hit stores was an EP with six tracks titled “Enjoy Incubus”  which was released in 1997 which they were representing while touring with Korn in Europe.

To date there are a total of twenty-one incubus albums comprised of studio albums, compilation albums, live recordings, demos, video albums, and EP’s.  They have had the honor of having the number one slot on the Billboard 200 Alternatives list with the incubus songs; Drive, Megalomaniac, Anna-Molly, and Love Hurts.  They also have  twelve music videos including the songs; “Take Me to Your Leader”,” A Certain Shade of Green”, “Pardon Me”, “Out from Under”, “Stellar, Drive”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Nice to Know You”, “Warning”, “Are You In”, “Megalomaniac”, “Talk Shows on Mute”, “Make a Move”, “Anna-Molly”, “Dig”, “Oil and Water”, “Love Hurts”, “Adolescents”, “Promises”, “Promises”, and” If Not Now, When?”

There are no other Incubus bands out there; this is because of their extremely unique sound.  Depending on which Incubus songs may be playing they will differ in style from one to the next.  Many critics have difficulty pinning the band to a single genre.  Incubus songs can range from a wide variety of sounds including influences and elements from genres such as heavy metal, electro, funk metal, hip hop, nu metal, funk, funk metal, rap metal techno and trip pop.  One thing that critics can agree on is the fact that incubus songs are different in their own right and have a distinct sound that no other band can match.  The large repertoire of different styles and sounds is a direct expression of the group’s curiosity and willingness to try something new.  These unique sounds are probably due to the liberal upbringing the band members had and their interests in music as  an art as a whole.

Sabbatical and Personal Interests

Although Brandon Boyd is shown as the most widespread creative artist of the group on the Incubus wiki, all members of the band are highly involved in the flavor of the songs that they record.  Aside from his role as lead vocals, he also plays rhythm guitar and percussion for the band while touring.  In fact his friend Mike Einziger, the lead guitarist, is also multi talented doing the backing vocals as well as playing piano.

In 2008 Incubus went on a sabbatical which allowed the band members to concentrate on their other interests.  Brandon Boyd took the time off to enroll in a university art program in Los Angeles.  His interest in the visual arts was given the proper environment to nurture and properly express itself.  This Sabbatical was a well executed plan that not only gave the band members the R&R they needed but expansion into their personal interests would make for new material that would become new Incubus songs.

Other Interests Outside Incubus

After going through the art program Brandon Boyd pursued his visual arts career with his first solo show titled “ectoplasm” at Mr. Musichead Gallery in Los Angeles.  The Exhibit opened on September 8, 2008 which showcased his various paintings.  Aside from the visual arts, Brandon Boyd is also an accomplished writer having published two books.  His first book “White Fluffy Clouds” which included photography, his artwork, and song lyrics from Incubus was published in 2003 by Endophasia Publications.  His second book, “from the Murks of the Sultry Abyss, was released in 2007.  It included 42 journal entries and 225 full color images.  An interesting aspect to this book is the printing process makes the text and images appear different when viewed from various angles.

Brandon Boyd also has an album out as a solo artist titled “The Wild Trapeze” Which was released on July 6, 2010.  All ten songs on the album were personally written and composed by Brandon Boyd himself.  This album was released as an expression of his inquisitive and experimental nature allowing him to express his own personal sound without having to consult with the other band members who may find some of the styles outside the norm of other incubus songs.  This allowed Incubus to maintain its style while giving Brandon Boyd the freedom to release music that he himself wanted to make.  Critics have labeled it as an alternative rock or indie rock album featuring many acoustical works by Boyd.  Brandon Boyd played most of the parts himself, he did the vocals, drums, timpani, chimes, guitar, and glockenspiel parts. Himself.  The album sold 11,109 copies making it to number 33 on the billboard 200.

Brandon Boyd is an idealistic renaissance man of the rock world, being open to many forms of expression he is able to harness his talents to produce materials of various form to properly represent his ideas.  He is not one for stagnant backward thinking, always looking to the next horizon for another media in which he can express himself.  The Band incubus is a consortium of likeminded musicians that grew up with Boyd and share the same tastes and views in the creative realm.