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Chris Gilmore: DJ for Incubus

Chris Kilmore is a highly successful DJ for the alternative rock band Incubus, his turntable and keyboard work for the band give the gritty electronic feel to the band’s sound making unique incubus songs.  Chris Kilmore was the second DJ to play for Incubus, replacing their old DJ Gavin Koppell who was no longer contributing to the group in a meaningful way.  On all accounts the dreadlocked Chris Kilmore is a laid back DJ with a lot of eccentric interests aside from making music on Incubus albums.

Early Life

According to the biography on the incubus wiki, Chris Kilmore was from the underworlds of Io a moon of Jupiter. He travelled inter-dimensionally to a place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania around 1973…

Now that’s an interesting introduction that does a good job summing up the secrecy Chris Kilmore likes to uphold while creatively weaving an intricate and amusing story.  The true down to earth story of how his Incubus DJ came to be goes something like this:

Chris Kilmore was born on January 21, 1973; he grew up in Dillsburg Pennsylvania as an adopted child with two brothers. On 25 acres of land he and his brothers enjoyed playing in the woods and riding motorcycles in their spare time.  At some point in time they got kicks from eating spiders, which may or may not be what made Chris Kilmore into the superb DJ he is today on Incubus songs.

According to his own account they lived out in the countryside and he used to sleep in a barn.  Even n his early formative years Kilmore started to show a knack for music taking up piano from an early age and getting into turntablism at age 13.  In fact during his middle school years until his highschool years he DJ’ed for school dances.  On his own account he wanted to be the school’s DJ because the mobile DJ that the school usually hired was an aging old man that was out of touch with what the youth wanted to listen to.  Aside from turntables Chris was interested in piano (which has he does on tour with Incubus bands) and even played trumpet all through his highschool years in band class.  Perhaps it is a mixture of the rigid band structure and the liberty of turntable music that forged such a unique musician out of Chris Kilmore.


Before Incubus

After graduating high school, Chris Kilmore studied at George Washington University where he graduated with a radio, TV, and film degree.  Before Chris Kilmore became the DJ for Incubus he was working from paycheck to paycheck after having moved out west looking for opportunities in the entertainment industry since he graduated.  He was doing multiple gigs every week with a handful of different acts.  He was even in a battle DJ group where each member had a scratch record from each part of a drum kit, one had the snare the other a bass drum, etc.

His introduction into Incubus is an interesting story in it of itself.  At the time he was doing a DJ job for a band known as Beats and Blunts, which was like a Rasta version of Rage against the Machine.  The band was going through some creative quarrels since the record A&R had basically said that the two vocalists were the only ones that needed to sign off on the music they would produce.  The Manager and Chris Kilmore weren’t having it and the Manager was fired by the A&R while Chris walked out.  The two were talking and the manager said that he could probably get Kilmore a gig with a band that one of his lawyer friends was doing work for.  It turned out that the lawyer was the lawyer for Incubus and called him up when the band was having difficulties with their DJ at the time.

Chris Kilmore was introduced to incubus during the Incubus bands tour of S.C.I.E.N.C.E.  He had an hour long interview and audition which was made up mostly of them talking about conspiracy theories and a small demonstration of his DJ’ing.  The band was not only impressed by his musical talent behind the wheels of vinyl but also the personality he had.  Their interests and ideals were well suited and jived in such a way that he became their permanent DJ overnight.  Chris Kilmore learned all the DJ sets that their previous DJ was using for their tour in a matter of days, which is quite an astounding feat of musicality.  Chris Kilmore went to doing DJ work for small time bands playing gigs with a crowd ranging from a handful of people to a hundred of them, to playing for thousands of Incubus fans in packed arenas.

Working with Incubus

It was only in Make Yourself when Chris Kilmore had the opportunity to exercise his creative freedom to its fullest as he no longer had to do the sets that the previous DJ of Incubus had thought up.  His musicality proved to be very adaptive and fresh even adding a lot of his keyboard skills to the band.  The music he was creating was fresh and melded perfectly with the sound of incubus.  Make Yourself was the first of many incubus albums that Kilmore would play on.  According to the Incubus wiki, Chris Kilmore’s attitude and personality was perfect for Incubus.

Musical Background

Chris Kilmore was raised with music all around him, starting with piano when he was a young child, moving on to turntables and trumpet in his early teens.  Although the material with which DJ’s work with today are mostly digital, using MP3’s instead of the classic vinyl, Kilmore still uses old vinyl due to the feel that he gets from using the real deal.  He also uses some pretty interesting samples when scratching on incubus songs.  For instance he has a few scratch records comprised of urban sounds including truck brakes, traffic noise, horns and train noise which he himself personally recorded and had recorded onto vinyl.  It’s this interesting approach to music that adds that panache to incubus songs.

Although he is now well known for playing for Incubus, he never dreamed that he would be the DJ for a rock band.  Chris Kilmore always thought that he would make it big as a Hip-Hop DJ or maybe the producer for some rap music, never in his wildest dreams did he believe he would become the DJ for Incubus bands.  He has this interesting knack for strange sounds that he can integrate into his music, and is always looking for something new and fresh to scratch a record to.

Other Interests

Aside from his role as a DJ for Incubus, Chris Kilmore has many interests that may seem quite strange for a DJ for a rock band.  DJ Kilmore is a huge Star Wars fan and Sci Fi in general (which is highly evident in the bio he wrote for the incubus website and incubus wiki).  He maintains natural dreadlocks which may seem quite odd for a DJ for a rock band like incubus.  Chris also has this fascination with conspiracy theories including aliens and other paranormal or otherworldly subject matters which jives well with the other members of incubus.  This fascination with conspiracy theories makes sense for his personality which is always looking for alternatives, finding something new and fresh often means delving into some strange worlds and ideas that are often expressed in conspiracy theories.

Chris Kilmore is a DJ that was hired for his raw talent and good personality, his inclusion into Incubus has brought him from rags to riches while adding a new level of musicality to incubus songs.