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Jose Pasillas: Drummer for Incubus

If you are wondering who Jose Pasillas is, then this article might not make much sense for you unless you’ve heard of the rock band, Incubus. Ring any bells?


No, it’s not the demonic spirit that rapes women in their sleep although it is also called an incubus. What you are probably thinking of is the incubus and succubus. These are male or female demonic spirits who prey on innocent men and women while they sleep.  Scary, huh? Imagine these incubus and succubus waiting for you to fall asleep and you might just force yourself to stay awake for days!


It should also not be mistaken with the several Incubus movies released in the years 1966, 2006 and 2010.  Yep, three different movies all titled, Incubus.  Amazing, right? Did you know there were that many Incubus movies out?


The first Incubus movie that was released in 1966 was filmed entirely in Esperanto and it starred William Shatner. This was around the same time he played Captain James T. Kirk for Star Trek. For those who don’t know what Esperanto is, it is a constructed language created by L. L. Zamenhof that aims to transcend beyond religion, race and beliefs. Unfortunately, many of this Incubus’s casts met unfortunate circumstances shortly after the film have finished production hence, this particular Incubus movie was said to be cursed.


In 1981, another less popular Incubus movie was released and it starred John Cassavetes and John Ireland.  Unlike the other Incubus movies, this wasn’t widely released. Based on a book by Ray Russell, this particular Incubus movie deals with a certain physician faced with a lot of incidents of women dying from massive trauma they suffered after being raped.


The next Incubus movie was released 40 years after the first one; in 2006, and much like the first Incubus movie, it is also a horror/ suspense movie. This Incubus movie stars young Tara Reid who stumbles upon a horrific crime scene with a few friends wherein the sole survivor is a serial murderer.  They soon discover that the comatose murderer possess the power of the Incubus wherein he can control a person through their thoughts and dreams. Who would want that to happen while you are blissfully asleep?!


Not long after that, another Incubus movie was released in 2010 and this starred quite a number of relatively unknown actors like Shayne Leighton who also created the film. Like it’s predecessors, this Incubus movie also involves the demonic spirit, Incubus, wrecking havoc on the movie’s protagonists.


I digress but, fortunately, Jose Pasillas is no demonic spirit who rapes women in their sleep although he is an Incubus or at least part of one. The Incubus that is being referred to in this case is not a mythological demonic spirit that rapes and ravages women in their sleep but is a multi-awarded band called, Incubus, originally made up of four former classmates from Calabasas High School.


Jose Pasillas is one of the four founding members of the multi-awarded band, Incubus, including Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger and Alex Katunich.  The boys of Incubus have their humble beginnings rooted in Calabasas, California where they played cover songs of then notable rock bands like Megadeth and Metallica back when they were in the tenth grade.  Little did they know that a few years down the line, other people would be playing Incubus’s cover songs in backyards and garages.


Jose Pasillas was born Jose Antonio Pasillas II on April 26, 1976 in Calabasas, California and is of Mexican descent to an engineer and beautician. Contrary to what people may think, Jose Pasillas does not have any formal training for any musical instruments prior or during his stint with the band, Incubus. He actually started playing air drums when he was only 12 years old and played it so well that people though that he actually knew how to play.  Little did they know that young Jose Pasillas does not play the drums but two years later, by the age of 14, he played well enough to jam with his friends in their spare time and they eventually formed, Incubus, in the early 1990s. The truth of the matter is that he was a full-time art student like fellow bandmate, Brandon Boyd and in case you didn’t know, Jose Pasillas plays the drum for Incubus.


Whoever said that you need formal training to learn a musical instrument has not met the very talented Jose Pasillas.  This gifted drummer for Incubus learned only by listening to his favorite drummers like Chad Sexton of 311, Stewart Armstrong Copeland of The Police and Tim Alexander of Primus. Can you imagine that? You always hear people saying they just play it by ear but it seems highly dubious to be able to “simply play it by ear” but surprisingly, Jose Pasillas does it. If that isn’t talent, I don’t know what is! Jose Pasillas further explained that he created his own technique from mixing a lot of the various styles of the other great drummers growing up.


Like a typical teenage, Jose Pasillas’s parents never understood his love for music and simply attributes it to being a hobby as opposed to doing drugs or worst. It’s a daily strain on their family life that the young Jose Pasillas chose music and arts, especially when he chose it as a career and formed Incubus, over baseball or soccer, which he was actually very skilled at. Jose Pasillas was also doing really well in school so his parents thought he could have been a doctor or lawyer should he want to.


Although Alex Katunich eventually left the band and was replaced by Ben Kenney and DJ Lyfe came and went with DJ Kilmore replaced him ultimately, Jose Pasillas still stayed on as the drummer for Incubus for over 20 years with Incubus founding members Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger.


Aside from music, Jose Pasillas’s other passion is art and this Incubus drummer acknowledges his grandmother, Elma, for encouraging him.  Growing up, he remembers his grandmother often providing him and his cousins papers and pencils and he just kept drawing and drawing to this day.


While Incubus’s music may not have been influenced by his Hispanic culture or heritage, Jose Pasillas’s artworks are something different altogether.  While he was previously a little apprehensive about showcasing his artwork to the public, Jose Pasillas is currently hoping to be able to bring his artwork to a gallery soon. You can bet that Jose Pasillas fans will definitely wait in anticipation for that one for sure!


However, the tattoos and constant multitude of female companions does make Jose Pasillas fit your stereotype of a typical rocker from a rock band but the case is not the same for the other Incubus band members like Brandon Boyd or Mike Einziger. In fact, Brandon mentioned in an interview with Rolling Stones magazine that each member balances the entire group out.  Imagine if all Incubus members is like Jose Pasillas.  It would be an all-out party with semi-naked ladies grinding on stage with pyrotechnics everywhere. It’s definitely not something that an Incubus fan may expect.


The beginnings of Incubus may not have been instantaneous like that of Justin Bieber but successful they are nonetheless. However, the band would often take breaks in between album releases and the most notable one was their hiatus around the late 2000. This hiatus gave the members of Incubus time to do a lot of “normal” things like Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger were able to go back to school and Jose Pasillas just had a baby girl named, Frankie Rose Pasillas.


Currently, Jose Pasillas is seriously dating Shyama Gero who is not a celebrity although he openly admits that he still loves women a lot.