Incubus Bass Player Wonders if Band is still Relevant

Incubus has been around for 20 years now since it was first formed in 1991 by Brandon Boyd, Mike Einzinger and Jose Pasillas. The band is based in California and has produced seven albums with four number one singles.

Ben Kenney, bass player since 2003, expressed his uneasy feelings on Incubus regrouping after a 5-year hiatus. He wonders if the music they will make for their new record will still be relevant to the changed music industry.

“The making of music wasn’t the hard part,” he shares.”For us, it was ‘are we going to be relevant’, ‘are we going to able to keep doing what we are doing because everything is changing so fast around us’. Music is getting louder and louder and louder and it seems like we are not part of that whole thing. It was very scary doing this whole thing. We were jumping off a bridge kind of’.”

The 20-year history of the band meant a lot to how the band is like at the present. Boyd, Einzinger and Pasillas were in high school when the band was first found. And Kenney says that, “ It’s a good 20 because we don’t look like a band who have been doing it for 20 years.”

Now that Incubus is priming up to becoming a “heritage act,” Kenney says that the band is yet to be heard on classic rock radio. “Not yet but I hope they do soon because classic rock radio is one of the few places left where you can hear music.”