Incubus’ Brandon Boyd’s solo album reminiscent of unicorns

The band Incubus is currently on hiatus once again; however, lead singer Brandon Boyd has just finished recording his new solo album with the aid of long-time rock producer Brendan O’Brien, who has worked with My Chemical Romance, the Killers, and Pearl Jam. Boyd wants to get the album released by this summer.

Boyd mentioned to Billboard that he’s ready for the album to come out right this moment, but there are still necessary things the album has to go through before it can be released.

He is really excited about the sound of the still untitled solo project. It’s a follow up to his 2010 solo debut album entitled The Wild Trapeze. He had some very interesting descriptions on what the album actually sounds like: “When you hear it, you’ll probably be reminded of sailors riding unicorns and unicorns farting beautiful gift making elves and things like that…rainbows, pots of gold… stuff like that.”

If anything, it will definitely be interesting, and the very talented Boyd never really fails to impress. The singer also mentioned that he’s going to plan on hitting the road on some solo performances following the release of his album. He mentions that he’ll open for anybody and play for anyone.

Concerning his band mates, he mentions that Incubus members are all keeping busy and doing their own thing during the hiatus. Chris Kilmore has been doing some DJ gigs, building his reputation up by doing so, and Mike Einziger has scored an independent film that’s coming very out soon.