Incubus Demon


What is an incubus


Ever since the ancient times, mankind has many tales and legends of demons and spirits that interact with human beings in various manners. In general, demons are considered evil or malevolent beings, performing random acts of torment and terrorism to their victims for their own personal pleasure. Although they are spiritual beings, they are also known to inflict physical harm towards unsuspecting humans. Of these demons, there is one that is known in various regions all over the world as being a sexual tempter and torturer. It is known by many names, depending on the culture and beliefs of the region. It is most commonly known as the incubus. Though ancient in origin, up until this century, there are still some reports of incubi assaulting women and even men.

Its name is said to be derived from the Latin word ‘incubare’ or perhaps ‘incubo’, which are both verbs that when translated literally mean ‘to lie on/upon’. The incubus is a night demon who visits sleeping women and has sexual intercourse with them. During the ancient times, the incubus is depicted as a horrible-looking and monstrous being, in spiritual form, having wings, a tail, fangs, horns and claws. Variations of this image could be a hideously deformed elf or dwarf, a goblin, or a shape-shifting demon.

There have been many accounts of mysterious disappearances as well as unexplained pregnancies, and these have often been attributed to the misdoings of incubi. It is believed that sexual intercourse with an incubus does in fact produce offspring. These so-called half-human children or ghost-children are believed to have supernatural powers, abilities, or characteristics in the least.

Some demonologists say that incubi are incapable of producing seed because they are of a spiritual nature. The sperm that they impregnate with is said to come from human males that are visited by female incubi, called succubi. The succubi cause men to have erotic dreams, and sometimes the experience feels very physical as well. It is through these acts that they collect sperm. Others believe that the female incubi can also get pregnant and spawn ghost-children.

These sexual attacks by an incubus have been experienced by a lot of people from all over the world, even from before the middle ages, and some accounts have also been written down. An example of this is found in William Shakespeare’s play entitled Romeo and Juliet. In Act 1, scene 4, there is an excerpt that goes:

“This is the hag, when maids lie on their backs that presses them, and learns them first to bear, making them women of good carriage.”

These forms of spiritual molestations have been reported widely, but some are too afraid to admit that they have encountered similar attacks, so in truth, there could be more in terms of statistics. It is not established whether these attacks are truly random or if there is an underlying similarity between all victims. To prevent these horrific night visitations, people in ancient times used precautionary measures such as putting horseshoes over their beds, mirrors on their chests, et cetera.

For spiritual groups, it is a general rule that any sexual encounter (whether physical or spiritual) with someone other than your spouse is unacceptable). To avoid being prey to these incubus demons, people are generally advised to keep their thoughts clean from impure fantasies. They believe that a person who has a tendency to fantasize about impure things is more likely to have a visit from such demons. Those who have been involved with excessive amounts of sexual acts with different partners are also likely to me molested.

Incubi can come through erotic dreams, arousing the sleeper and then taking advantage of them. Depending on how strong the sexual inclination of the victim, they may experience just a very vivid and erotic dream. In some cases, victims feel an actual weight with them on the bed, or perhaps even on top of their person. In the worst cases, the molestation is incredibly physical. Some accounts say the demons are quite like lovers in their approach, but some have been known to be aggressive and violent as well.

For victims of these attacks, it may very well seem like a nightmare. If the women are married, they will feel guilt or shame after having been molested by an unknown being. They are unable to control their bodies at the time of the encounter, and are completely submissive. This state is what is considered a nightmare, where what is happening seems to feel very real and yet the body is powerless to fight or even move.

Most women are burdened to keep their defilement in secret for fear of being chastised by their spouses or by the community. This adds to the power that the incubus has over them. Some attacks are repeated or frequent, and the victim can suffer very much both physically and mentally. Some victims deteriorate in health after repeated sexual encounters with an incubus. Others have even died because of either the violent sexual acts or the grief that they are secretly in torture.

There are several ways to banish or cast away an attacking incubus. The According to Christian beliefs, making an exorcism will successfully rid the victim of any further visits or attacks from an incubus. Also, regularly confessing sins and avoiding sinful, impure and lustful thoughts will keep the sexual demons away. Others believe in the use of objects or charms that scare the demons away, such as mirrors.

In recent years, the faith of certain groups of people has fallen away, and they have turned to worship darker powers. These people are often involved in witchcraft, and are called satanic followers or devil-worshippers. They are the ones who even call upon incubi to visit them. Some people who have had a visit from an incubus rather welcome the experience as pleasant, and do not intend to drive the demon away. They say that the incubus ‘made love’ to them, and that they experienced a higher level of sexual bliss than they have ever had before with a human.

Since an incubus is a spirit, some satanic worshipers prefer to call upon them and make them lovers. They say that the spirit form can please them greater than any man can, and go to great lengths to summon an incubus. For men, a female incubus (called a succubus) can implant thoughts and images into their minds very easily. A man will tend to think that what he is experiencing is merely a dream, and does not resist to the pleasurable feelings provided by these sexual thoughts. After having come to the point of ecstasy, most will only then realize that the encounter was actually a visit from a demon or spirit.

People who are traumatized by the experience often feel confusion and paranoia. They say that the demon (or demons) that visited them never left their side and are watching their every move. In mythology, some incubi actually stay ‘loyal’ to a victim and ‘watch over’ them like a dark shadow. There is one encounter where a woman is plagued by several incubi. Even her husband and daughter have felt the presence of these malignant spirits. Having been recently widowed, the woman claims the sexual visits have become more and more frequent, and not only when she was asleep. She reports that she has had intercourse with several demons during her waking hours as well, and has grown fond of these encounters.

The myth of the incubus is debatable. Some claim that it is merely a psychological problem that can be addressed with medication and therapy. Whatever the origin of this ancient belief, the incubus is still a demon that haunts people up to this day and age.