Incubus HQ live-Promotion of the Incubus Album

The incubus is an American band who is concentrated on alternative rocks and contemporary music made them widely known for their latest Incubus album released in titled “If Not Know, When?”. This album was becoming popular because incubus band created a an HQ live at the Hollywood Art Gallery.
The idea of this live show very simple. They want to promote their amazing album with tracks inside of it. Furthermore, to make their album very famous and be liked by the people, they created a live stream on the web. Audio from the live show is captured on the discs as well as the other hits of these ban from their albums “Make Yourself, Morning View , A Crow Left of the Murder and as well as the featured hit” If Not Now, When?”
The sound quality of the incubus band really amazed the audiences and of course the fans. The lead guitar Brandon Boyd’s made each at his very best just to create  a genre that will be different from the other bands. Moreover, incubus album showed how they love their fans and as a proof, they are involved in the DVD captured scenes.
On the other point of the news, the incubus album also included the live interviews of the band, jams, sessions and also their competitions with various bands in the world. Quasi Song which is “Sugar, Water, Purple” as the title was also featured during the set. The members of the band also stated that this HQ live show was one of their achievements as a band for a long time  and a great means to be popular in the world of alternative rock music.