Incubus Lead Vocalist Shares TED Playlist

Incubus front man, Brandon Boyd, proves that there is more in him than what you see. He is indeed more than just a pretty face – besides the work he does with the band, he is also a well-known artist with deep thought that he put down in his several published written works and art books.

The Incubus lead singer shared nine TED talks that he believes to be “eye-opening.” He said, “Although I have yet to attend TED, the web database has offered me consistent inspiration for years now. I see it as a beacon of both intellectual and spiritual light that speaks to the best of what we do, who we are and where we are heading. I’ve watched some of these presentations and at times felt at ease with the notion of an alien intelligence looking in on us from another locale.”

TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design,” and it is a non-profit organization that is “devoted to ideas worth spreading” since 1984. The group organized TED Talks where they invite intellectuals and “fascinating thinkers and doers” to share their life or work within the 18-minute time limit.

As for Incubus’ Boyd, he recently created a playlist of nine of his favorite TED talks which include : John Lloyd’s “An animated tour of the invisible,” Emily Levine’s “Theory of Everything,” Jill Bolte Taylor’s “Stroke of Insight,” Jae Rhim Lee’s “My Mushroom Burial Suit,” Michael Pollan’s “A plant’s eye view,” Kevin Kelly’s “Technology’s Epic Story,” Jonathan Haidt’s “Religion, evolution and the ecstacy of self-transcendence,” Joshua Klein’s “The intelligence of crows,” Ken Robinson’s “Schools Kill Creativity,” and Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Your Elusive Creative Genius.”