Incubus Released Five Albums on 12” Vinyl Black Friday 2012

As part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday Initiative, Incubus released five of their albums on vinyl records last November 23, 2012.

While people lined up for all the Black Friday sales, music lovers everywhere had a blast with special album releases exclusively through Record Store Day’s Back to Black initiatives. What’s more special with this year’s Black Friday initiative was the California-based quintet, Incubus, release of five of their albums on 12” vinyl available in selected local record shops.

Incubus released limited-edition vinyl versions of their albums : “A Crow Left of the Murder,” “Light Grenades,” “Make Yourself,” “Morning View” and “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” These albums were part of the Record Store Day “First Releases,” which means that they were available first at the independently-owned shops that participated in the National Record Store Day events.

This is the first time that Incubus had their music available on vinyl and fans are thrilled with how each of the albums are numbered and presented on 180-gram audiophile vinyl.

This year has been a good year for Incubus fans as the band marks off its second decade in the music industry – Incubus also recently toured with Linkin Park and released a live album.

Record Store Day started two years ago and giving everyone a chance every black Friday to have a peek on all the exclusive record releases independent record stores have to offer. Other releases this year include limited-edition runs from Primus, My Morning Jacket, the White Stripes, Mad Season, Rolling Stones, Nirvana and so much more.