Incubus Songs-Made A Way to Be On Top

Incubus bands are one of the finest American top performing artists in the Calabasas, California in the year 1991. They are then become popular with the American people as well as in the different races in the whole world. They are basically focusing on the alternative rock type of music. Moreover, they released their amazing albums with different tracks on it.

In the latest news of the New York PR Newswire on September 24, 2012, he incubus band along with their incubus song made its way to the top because there Epic Records from the ear 1997 to 2011 was then available nationwide with Sony Music Entertainment. They called it as the Essential incubus songs which brought a collection of  23 to 28 tracks on it. Furthermore, these collections of songs were compiled together from the Billboard Mainstream Rock as well as on the chart of the modern rock hits from all their recording alum studios for Immorta/Epic.

The  albums they did in the past years were really amazing and encouraged many music lovers to support their work. The list of Albums is as follows:
S.C.I.E.N.C.E which was released in 1997 that represented by “ A Certain Shade of Green,” . “ New Skin”, and Summer Romance which is the Anti-Gravity Love Song
Make Yourself (1999), with tracks on it “ Pardon Me,”. “Stellar”, and “Drive”

Morning View released in 2001 with some amazing tracks “Wis you Were Here”, “Are You In?”, “ Nice to Know You”, and “ Warning”

A Crow Left of the Murder, 2004 with “Megalomaniac”, Talk Shows On Mute”, “Agoraphobia”, “Monument and Melodies”

Light Grenades (2006), with tracks “’Anna Molly”, “Dig”, “ Love Hurts” and “ Oil and Water”

If Not Now, When? (2011), with “Adolescents”, “Promises, Promises” and “In The Company of Wolves”.

Selections from their EP’s are also included in The Essential Incubus.
Enjoy Incubus-1997 “ Version”
When Incubus Attacks-2000 “Crowded Elevator”
Alive At Red Rocks-2004 “Pantomime”
Make a Love- but it did not appear on any Incubus studio album and EP.