Incubus Updates : Lance’s Divorce and Pasilla’s Guesting

Dirk Lance, one of the founding member of Incubus and original bassist, has filed for divorce and has ended his marriage of seven years with wife Emily Felz Hansen.

Lance has been part of Incubus since 1991 and has been the bassist up to 2003 being included in 5 of their albums including the hit “Morning View.”

And according to L.A. Country Superior Court, Hansen has finalized the divorce with court documents dated August 15. Reason for the separation was irreconcilable differences.

The Incubus bassist, with real name Alex Katunich, tied the knot with Hansen back in 2004 and currently has a 1-year old daughter together. They are now working on the papers for joint legal custody of the child with Hansen wanting to have primary physical custody and Lance only having visitation rights. Moreover, Hansen wants ex-husband to pay for all the legal bills.

On the other hand, Incubus’ drummer, Jose Pasillas, has been featured in 12 instrumental tracks of Prashant Aswani’s album called Visions.

Aswani is a rock fusion guitarist, and is set to release his new album on December 18.He invited Pasillas to play with him and bassist, Gabe Rosales to make the instrumental tracks. Jeff Kollman also has a guest solo appearance in the song, “Left of Center” in the album.

All music in the album are written and arranged by Aswani. He was also the one who produced and engineered the recording. It will be available all over the words and on iTunes and other digital outlets.