Incubus will be on hiatus

Incubus has been on a hiatus before, as it took the band five whole years before their 2011 album released. They’ll be on another hiatus; however, the band members are planning to keep active throughout.

The lead singer of Incubus, Brandon Boyd, has given the news that Incubus will definitely be on a break, in his interview with Rolling Stone. The rock stars that singing “Pardon Me” released their last album in 2011 entitled “If Not Now, When?” Body says that their next album will be put together and released after what seems to be hiatus, and will definitely look like one to fans.

Boyd, the 37 year old artist, mentioned that he has recently finished a new solo album with veteran producer, who he’s also worked with through Incubus, Brendan O’Brien. The new solo album from Boyd will be most likely released during the summer time.

Boyd has said that his new album is much different from the sound of Incubus, since there are two minds collaborating instead of five. There will be a lot more piano in the tracks, and also rhythm, as well as a unique sounding type of pop. He is planning to do some solo performances once the album drops, and says that he’s willing to open for anyone to promote his new album.

While Incubus will indeed be on a long break, fans won’t be without individual projects from the members of Incubus. Each of them will be looking to keep busy, so look out for their projects from scoring films to solo albums.