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The Incubus is one of American-based bands established in California. It was way back the year 1991 when the band was established by three members: Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, and Jose Pasillas. The Incubus bands were recognized in Calabasas, California High School and have only a vocalist, a lead guitarist, and a drummer. The Incubus managed to expand by adding a bassist and a keyboardist namely: Alex Katunich and Gavin Koppell. As Incubus bands continue to progress, the two new Incubus members were changed by DJ Kilmore who became the Incubus new keyboardist and Ben Kenney who became the Incubus new bassist.


Incubus songs managed to gather lots of recognitions and successes. In fact, most of the Incubus albums have reached multiple platinum sales in the industry excluding the singles they have made. Incubus wiki records that their very first album in 1999 entitled “Make Yourself” managed to penetrate the mainstream acknowledgment in the music industry. Their single “Drive” is one of the Incubus songs managed to reach the top spot on the music list. This Incubus wiki will let readers to have a glimpse of what the Incubus bands managed to achieve.


The Start of Their Career


In the early years of their tenth grade, Brandon, Mike, Jose, and Alex were already playing together. In the middle of the year 1994, the young members of Incubus decided to release a demo titled “Closet Cultivation”. Together with the demo, the Incubus bands also release another set of demos with the titles: Miss Bliss, Damnation?, and Purple Kool-Aid. These Incubus songs were not released as inclusive tracks in “Close Cultivation”. Their keyboardist and turntablist, known on stage as “DJ Lyfe”, joined the Incubus bands by the year 1995. The band published their very first major release in 1997 with the title of “Enjoy Incubus”. The release was a necessity in order to represent the Incubus recordings while touring Europe together with another famous band, Korn.


The First Turn


1997 is the year when Incubus managed to get a spotlight. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. which is one of the Incubus albums recorded in the music studio was released during this year, specifically, by the 9th of September. After releasing this album, the bands 311 and Korn allowed them to let Incubus play for the openings of their concerts. Their turntablist, Koppel, was dismissed the following year. A close Incubus affiliate recommended DJ Kilmore for whom Incubus bands enjoyed his company. After recruiting DJ Kilmore, Incubus songs continued to conquer tours and music festivals where they go hand in hand with other bands such as Ultraspank and System of a Down.


The Path to Fame


With the spotlight on the Incubus albums, especially the S.C.I.E.N.C.E., the Incubus bands accumulated 100,000 sold copies of their album. This excludes their continuous tour all throughout the year 1998. With all these achievements, Incubus decided to take a break for the two following years. After a couple of silent years, another Incubus album was released with the title “Make Yourself”. This is the third set of tracks on their Incubus albums since the beginning which also led to a successful acclamation from fans and music lovers.


The Incubus wiki records that during the process of recording the “Make Yourself” album, Incubus ended up unhappy with their producer to the point that they decided to record the album without a producer. Another producer took their recordings seriously emphasizing their popular Incubus songs “Stellar” and “Drive”. Different songs in their Incubus albums, especially in “Make Yourself”, took the spot of different influential media streams such as radio stations and game soundtracks.


Another set of tracks added in their list of Incubus albums by the start of 2001. Their new album that year goes with the title “Morning View”. Their single “Drive” continues to conquer the charts which are still remembered up to now. This album took the 2nd spot of the top 200 music charts and by the end of the year, this Incubus album was recognized as a platinum hit in the music industry. Incubus has also released limited versions of this album to promote new singles and new song versions such as acoustics. The last Incubus concert together with Dirk Lance took place followed by a silent replacement of Ben Kenney. This was the last changes made in Incubus bands which means, from 2001 up to the present, the members remained the same. Following their 2001 album, the Incubus albums were followed by other albums such as the the  “Light Grenades”, and the “Monuments and Melodies”.


Their fourth album was released in 2004. Incubus toured it together with other bands such as The Walkmen, The Music, Sparta, and The Brand New. It is clear that Incubus bands collaborate with other bands to help one another in promoting their Incubus albums.


“Light Grenades”, on the other hands, was released in 2006. It is one of the Incubus albums that hit the top spot on Billboard 200. This time, their album hit the 1st top spot of the rankings. Incubus failed to continue their tour after releasing the album because Einziger fell ill and is needed to undergo a medical operation. Incubus songs can only be heard from radios and music TV networks this time because Incubus took a break until Einziger recuperates.


Incubus greatest hit albums rise in between 2008 and 2009. This is when greatest Incubus songs were included in their album entitled “Monuments and Melodies” which was followed by “If Not Now, When?” in the year 2011. Their new album today actually followed the solo-album of Incubus lead vocal Brandon Boyd. They decided to participate with a real-time documentary titled “Incubus Headquarters Live”, also known as Incubus HQ Live. Aside from Incubus songs included in their album, Incubus promoted a special package as well which is available for a limited period of time. This package includes Incubus songs and arts from their 7-day event for the new album.


The Incubus band collaborated with Linkin Park for the Honda Civic Tour which is also a way for them to promote the Incubus albums. However, the manager of Incubus claimed that the band is planning to take a break once more right after the tour. Most probably, it is another period for them to add a new set of tracks in the famed Incubus songs that fans are enjoying today.


Unique Incubus Style


From the beginning of their career up to the present, the music style used by Incubus differs from heavy metal, funk, alternative rock, electro, funk metal, hip hop, jazz, rap metal, nu metal, trip hop, and techno. In fact, many music critics find it difficult to put the Incubus band in a stable genre. This is because the band integrates with different musical instruments that have not been used in the genre of rock music. There are Incubus songs where instruments such as sitar, djembe, bongos, and didgeridoo were used. Aside from the studio versions, these instruments were also used in their live performance of Incubus songs during tour and concerts. For instance, the pipa given by Steve Vai was used by Einziger in one of the Incubus songs titled “Aqueous Transmission”.


It is not surprising why many people would still look for the songs published by the band Incubus. Given the unique blend of their music together with the synchronization of band members, it is a shame for an Incubus wiki not to include the story of how they began and how they embrace music.