Manager of Incubus and others comment on iCloud-type cloud locker

It has been admitted that Ashcroft thinks that Apple has handled the digital transformation better than the entire music industry; however, they fear that iCloud-type cloud locker services hold a dreary future for music.

It is believed that if streaming services like Spotify become mainstream, the future will be bright. However, if cloud locker services that are filled with lots of pirated content thrive, and the music industry will be left fighting for scraps, things won’t be going so well. Apple is making around $40 billion per year, and the music industry is fighting to take a piece of that share that people pay for iCloud.

CEO of Sacem Jean-Noel Tronc criticized the lobbying budgets of the few worldwide tech giants that claimed they had a love for music and innovation, even if they are making actions to put it down. He voiced his opinion on how the music industry is simply not getting a fair share from the digital playlist.

Steve Rennie, the manager of Incubus also voiced his opinion on the matter, reiterating his bold stance of “fuck the gatekeepers.”

“Record labels spent too much time protecting their business models than innovating,” Rennie said.

Rennie believed that was the unraveling of the label business, and also mentioned that they stopped thinking about the consumer.

Rennie is very planted on his opinion on what’s happening to the label business, as he believes that innovation is dying as the days go by because it’s not being projected as a main concern.