What’s your favorite Incubus hit?

Incubus has been around for over a decade, and they’ve racked up plenty of hit songs and fan favorites over the years. They made their breakout debut in 1999 with their album entitled Make Yourself and have developed a fantastic fan-based because of their very unique contribution to the world of music. To celebrate the band’s amazing career, we’d like you to ponder over what song is your favorite Incubus song.

Let’s start at the best place to start anything: the beginning. Incubus came into the music world in 1996, but they didn’t quite become famous that year. Their very first single was “Take Me to Your Leader” from the album Fungus Amongus. That same year, they also released a single for the Spawn soundtrack entitled “Familiar.” They also have a song called “New Skin” that gained popularity, coming from the S.C.I.E.N.C.E album that’s a standout from their early years in the music business.

We also can’t forget the Make Yourself that spawned amazing singles like “Pardon Me,” “Stellar,” and “Drive.” There’s also 2001’s Morning View disc that carried many memorable songs like “Wish You Were Here,”  and “Warning” that should get some consideration as well.

There’s also A Crow Left of the Murder that gave us hits like “Megalomaniac” and “Talk Shows on Mute.” Then there comes the 2006 album called Light Grenades with highlights that include “Anna Molly,” “Dig,” “Oil and Water”, and so on. It’s pretty clear that there are a lot of quality songs to choose from. The question is, what Incubus song is your favorite?