Yuna : Incubus influenced her music career

Yuna is a 25-year old vocalist shares that the music she listened to as she was growing up like Fiona Apple and Incubus have inspired her own songwriting.

“I grew up in Malaysia, and all the kids there, they love Incubus. And ‘I Miss You’ is kind of like one song everybody knows,” the young singer explains to introduce her cover of the band’s song. She shares that, looking back, those precious moments with “I Miss You” shows how Incubus has definitely played a big influence on her career at the present.

“When I listen to [I Miss You], I just remember the fun times and the moments I had with my bandmates who are like a really strong support system and a group of you know, amazing friends. I’m just really glad at the end of the day like I have them still, supporting me.”

She compares Incubus’ songs to unsent letters which are “just so simple and direct,” the style which she has likely adapted on her own songwriting. “If you keep it simple, a lot of people can relate to your songs and they can connect, and can really feel what you feel.”

During the Billboard Candid Covers session, Yuna also performed her own single, “Live Your Life.” She describes the single as a mix of acoustic jazz “mashed up with Pharell’s Labor.”

“…it’s very cool kind of like laid-back lush pop and I’m just really happy that a lot of people can relate to such a positive pop song.”